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Depression kills the desire to have sex

Sexual dysfunctions (lack of desire for close-ups, difficulties in achieving an orgasm, erectile dysfunction, etc.) are often caused by depression and the...

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When to go to the sexologist?

Women are more likely to go to a sexologist than men. This is mainly due to a lack of courage in admitting the problem. As sexologists convince themselves, fears of a visit are often unjustified and unnecessary, because the task of the specialist is to solve the problem and provide appropriate assistance to the patient.

A sexologist is a specialist who has knowledge of biology, medicine, psychology, pedagogy, ethics and anthropology. Most often he also has a specialization in sexology. There are about 150 practicing specialists in Poland, which is still a relatively small number of experts in this field.

Who needs a sexologist?

A sexologist needs both women and men who face a wide variety of problems. Most often they are:

Issues arising from deeply rooted superstitions and myths that have never been clarified. It is they who most often make sex life difficult, taking away satisfaction from the closeness with their partner. These behaviors have a strong impact on emotional bonds, weakening them.

Any functional disorder of sexual function

Sexual disorders that result from a specific health condition of a patient about which he or she has no idea. Coronary heart disease, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, neurological diseases and others are the most common causes of physical disabilities.
Complications that arise from multiple sexual needs or deviations that make it difficult to establish and maintain harmonious partnerships.
Any problem with potency affects the man's behaviour and character. According to the men themselves, sexual fitness is synonymous with masculinity, so when they are disturbed, they lose their self-esteem. Every sexual disorder is associated with fear and stress of partnership. The most frequent reaction duplicated among men is to distance oneself from contacts with the opposite sex.

What's a visit to a sexologist like?

A visit to a sexologist at the beginning consists in a thorough interview with the patient, getting to know his current state of affairs and determining specific views and experiences. The patient is usually also asked about the period of childhood and adolescence. The current relationship and intimacy with the partner will be analysed. On the basis of a detailed analysis, the sexologist will identify the root cause of the problem and try to find a solution for it. Often a couple goes to a sexologist, which is a kind of support for the other person. Such a double visit consists in a sincere conversation during which the partners learn about their expectations and needs of a sexual nature.