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How to use male pheromones?

The method of application of pheromones is not complicated, however, you should be aware of which places to apply on the body should be avoided. Synthetic pheromones have an estimated effectiveness of 4- 6h. These substances are much longer on oily skin than on dry skin. Pheromones applied on the skin must not be rubbed together as they can damage the epidermis.

Both male and female pheromones should be applied in strategic places, i.e. on the neck, wrists, skin behind the ears, on the décolletage. As a rule, just a few drops are enough to feel the delicate fragrance. Before use, it is recommended that you perform a test to obtain the desired result. Pheromones should always be applied before putting on clothes.

Men's pheromones - how to use?

The way of applying pheromones is extremely simple. In the case of perfumed or fragrance pheromones just apply them directly on the skin, in the most desirable places, such as the neck or wrists. In the case of odorless pheromones can be used additional perfume, which will extract the smell of natural pheromones. However, it is important to remember to keep the right proportions in mind. Any additional information about the amount of pheromones used can be found on each leaflet.

There is no rule on the intensity of the effects of the use. Pheromones usually increase the interest in a person, increase the level of respect shown by others. The person using pheromones feels confident, in contacts with others shows less stress, has the courage to take up discussion. In addition, it shows a better mood and mood, which positively tunes the surrounding people.

Men's pheromones - for whom?

Pheromones can be used literally by anyone who wants to increase the level of their own attractiveness. Due to the diversity of pheromones available on the market for men, absolutely every man will find a product perfect for himself. Pheromones are usually available in two variants: fragrance and odourless. The manufacturers of these products ensure that regular use of even a small amount of pheromones on the skin can make a significant contribution not only to the improvement of the relationship between men and women, but also to the positive perception in the working environment. It has been proven that pheromones can help in contact with people and arouse feelings in the partner. Pheromones can certainly help men who are inherently shy or insecure in their dealings with women. After all, synthetic pheromones will not eliminate the problems, but can affect the confidence.