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Do pheromones have a smell?

For some people pheromones smell of others say that they are odorless substances. Natural pheromones are not perfume. Pure pheromones have a quite specific fragrance, referred to as an intriguing smell. According to research, about 30% of people do not have the ability to sense pheromones.

Natural pheromones are secreted by both animals and humans. These specific substances are evidence of well-being, emotion and attractiveness. They are perceived by the blade organ, which is outside the consciousness of the human being. The use of products containing special substances called pheromones allows you to increase the intensity of the secretion of natural compounds in order to increase sexual attractiveness.

What do pheromones smell like?

The natural smell of pheromones, can be received in a variety of ways. The vast majority of people who use natural pheromones claim that they do not have a smell. Others find an undefined but intriguing fragrance in these specific substances, which in combination with perfumes creates a highly original and seductive fragrance.

On the market you can find odourless pheromones and those that have been enriched with additional fragrance oils. Therefore, pheromones can be divided into:

Fragrance pheromones - most often they are equivalents of well-known perfumes. Their intense fragrance makes them unnecessary to spray with toilet water. Instead, they can be applied to the skin in larger quantities. These include products such as The Edge or Chikara.

Odourless pheromones - as the name suggests, they do not have any odor by nature. They are used in combination with everyday perfumes. Such products are e.g. Pheromax and BTB.

It is worth noting that the smell of pheromones is definitely more noticeable to the person who has them on the skin than to the environment. Some sold pheromones have in the store alcohol, which can be felt, but quickly evaporates after a dozen or so seconds.

Natural aphrodisiacs

Fragrance plays a key role in partnership relations, it can attract the opposite sex or reject it completely. Scented neurons are the only ones that the body produces constantly. Nevertheless, their intensity may be disturbed. For this purpose, created natural aphrodisiacs such as pheromones. On the market there is a rich sales offer of pheromones. Due to their diversity, you can find products with a strong fragrance, which, as it turns out, are the most popular among customers. The best-selling pheromones are: Pheromax, BTB, Sheseido and many others.