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5 things you need to know before you buy synthetic pheromones

Not all pheromones are used for seduction, used in too much can be overdosed. There are many facts and myths about pheromones, but some of them seem to be truly absurd. Synthetic pheromones have a confirmed laboratory effect. These are effective means to increase self-confidence in the relationship between men and women.

The growing popularity of pheromones undoubtedly testifies to their interest and effectiveness, which they demonstrate. However, not all pheromones have the same high quality and safety of use.

What is worth remembering when buying synthetic pheromones?

The first point concerns the price of pheromones. Due to the high costs associated with the production of pheromones and the extremely long process of obtaining them, their price is high. Pheromones most often can be obtained in the form of odorless substances and fragrant perfumes, which have been enriched with additional fragrances.

The second point is the questionable quality of these measures. Unfortunately, but a much larger number of pheromones does not have a confirmed action. Some of them are comparable to the way a placebo works. Most often, cheap preparations available in cosmetic or perfume stores do not have any pheromones. Before choosing a particular product, it is worthwhile to get some knowledge about it. It should also be taken into account that not every pheromone can work. Everything depends on the individual pH of the skin.

Pheromones are not potency remedies that solve psychological disorders. These are synthetic substances, created in laboratory environments, whose effects may be questionable. Pheromones, just like perfumes, are only an addition that is supposed to emphasize personality, increase self-confidence and self-esteem. The way in which they are perceived by the opposite sex depends mainly on the attitude, emotions and openness.

Pheromones can only be combined with perfumes if they are odourless. Perfumes, which have been enriched with additional chemical substances, should be applied to the skin, without additional odors. So always use perfumed pheromones or odourless pheromones, which can be combined with your perfume.

Pheromones can be overdosed. Too much application on the skin can be counterproductive. Everyone should carefully test pheromones in small quantities and then consciously increase their concentration. Applying pheromones on the wrong places on the body, can lead to the formation of a specific smell that will not be captivating or exciting, and even repulsive.