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Food supplements and psychotropics

Dietary supplements based on plant extracts, very often used as supportive agents to treat depression, insomnia or anxiety disorders. However, due to the high risk of interaction between different substances and the possibility of side effects, every decision concerning the consumption of a dietary supplement should be preceded by a detailed medical interview.

The frequency of dietary supplements increases from year to year. According to research, about 22% of Poles used at least one dietary supplement. Few people are aware, however, that dietary supplements can interfere with or interact with pharmacological agents, causing unpleasant side effects that can endanger lives.

Men who use antidepressants or other psychiatric treatments should consult with their doctor for supportive supplements for potency to restore proper sexual performance.

The most frequent interactions in three groups of drugs used in psychiatric disorders:

  • Antidepressant drugs - these drugs must not be combined with plant extracts such as gingko gingko, ginseng, ginseng, mountain beetle and spotted thistle. The side effects that may result from the combination of these substances are, among others, haemorrhagic complications.
  • Antipsychotics - due to its active substances, antipschotics cannot be combined with plant supplements, which include ginseng, mountain rosary and spotted thistle. The combination of substances may result in certain adverse effects, which are most commonly associated with ventricular arrhythmias, pancreatitis, hepatotoxicity.
  • Sleeping pills and tranquilizers - sleeping pills and tranquilizers must not be combined with dietary supplements that contain such plants as ginseng, mountain rosary, gingko, gingko and thistle. In case of interaction of these plants with sleeping pills or sedatives, adverse effects may occur, which are characterized by consciousness disorders and cognitive disorders.

Please note that the safety of vitamins, minerals and other dietary supplements and their dosage should be assessed by a psychiatrist. If a patient suffers from mental disorders, no dietary supplement or proper diet can replace the effective action of psychotropic agents. Proper diet and dietary supplements have only supplementary and supportive effects. Any use of such measures should be consulted with a doctor.