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Sexual dysfunctions (lack of desire for close-ups, difficulties in achieving an orgasm, erectile dysfunction, etc.) are often caused by depression and the...

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Exercises to improve erection

Problems with the right potency can occur at any age and can take on a variety of substrates. According to the International Classification of Mental Diseases and Disorders, potency abnormalities are referred to as 'potency abnormalities' when sexual intercourse cannot take place due to insufficient erection. The solution to these problems is the support of a sexologist and appropriate muscle training.

Kegel muscles can be trained not only by women, but also by men. Unfortunately, the knowledge in this area is not sufficient, so men are not aware of the possibility of developing muscles responsible for maintaining erections. Most attention is paid to the muscles of Kegel women, who exercise them e.g. before childbirth.

Kegel muscle training in men

Kegel's male muscles are made of transversely striated tissue, which involves conscious control of contraction and relaxation.

Pelvic floor training in men can affect:

  • Strengthening and prolonging erections
  • Control over erectile dysfunction
  • The intensification of the orgasm
  • Avoid problems with urination

Erectile dysfunction control is associated primarily with conscious muscle manipulation. Training your Kegel muscles can increase your satisfaction with close-ups. Moreover, one of the Kegel muscles is the sphincter muscle of the urethra, which is responsible for the proper donation of physiological needs.

How to exercise Kegel muscles?

Both women and men exercise their pelvic floor muscles in the same way. All this is done by tightening the perineum muscles in the same way when you feel the need to pass urine. Such exercises should be performed in 3 series of 10 repetitions. Each repetition should last no longer than 5-10 seconds. The whole workout should be performed at least 3 times a day. Due to their simplicity, these exercises can be performed in almost any place. Interestingly, Kegel muscles can also be trained in yoga training.

How to recognize crotch muscle dysfunction?

  • Problems with the fluidity of urination
  • Insufficient defecation of the urethra, which in the long run may contribute to the development of bladder infection and prostate problems.
  • Problems with erectile dysfunction

In addition to specific exercises for Kegel muscles, all those that improve cardiopulmonary efficiency and help to control the proper body weight will be successful. Aerobic training includes running, fast walking, cycling and swimming. Winter aerobic exercises also include skiing and snowboarding. It is also recommended to lift weights as this activity stimulates testosterone production.