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Depression kills the desire to have sex

Sexual dysfunctions (lack of desire for close-ups, difficulties in achieving an orgasm, erectile dysfunction, etc.) are often caused by depression and the...

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Endorphins and potency

Erection problems are still a taboo subject for some people. People who are struggling with the problem of the intimate sphere, instead of using the help of a specialist, decide to buy potency supplements with unknown effects. A better solution for this type of complications is to implement a balanced diet and daily physical activity.

Regular exercise can permanently eliminate male sexual disorders. Almost everyone knows that physical exercise has a positive effect on the body, but properly adjusted activity can improve the quality of life, including intimate life. These exercises are usually simple and pleasant, some of them can also be done at home, which is extremely convenient.

Aerobic exercises

Exercises, belonging to the aerobic group, whose task is to prepare the organism for further activity. This practice focuses on obtaining unlimited access to oxygen for all muscles. These exercises quickly burn fat and allow you to build muscle mass. Additionally, they increase muscle endurance, which immunizes the body. According to research, aerobic exercises can reduce the likelihood of erectile dysfunction by 30%.

This type of exercise includes walking and running. Such simple activities can be performed almost every day, without going to the gym. These two ways are able to increase blood flow in the blood vessels, prolonging the erection. What is more, these exercises are also responsible for producing endorphins, which give the feeling of happiness.

Kegel's exercises

Women know more about Kegel's muscles than men do, so there is a huge surprise about their presence and the possibility of exercising them. Well-trained muscles become more flexible, which allows for longer intercourse. These muscles are located in the area of pubic bone and prostate. The exercises consist in tightening, stretching and holding the muscles for 1-2 seconds after about twenty repetitions. Three series must be made over a period of three weeks. After this time the effects should be strongly visible.

Training with weights

Simple exercises with weights are great for male sexual disorders. Properly trained muscles will allow you to get more satisfaction from the close-up. Exercises with weights of moderate weight should be performed once a week in four series of ten repetitions per week. It is recommended to do these exercises in the morning, because they add energy for the whole day.