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Sexual dysfunctions (lack of desire for close-ups, difficulties in achieving an orgasm, erectile dysfunction, etc.) are often caused by depression and the...

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5 ingredients to improve sexual performance

At present, there are many items on the market of supplements that offer a suitable effect on potency, which, according to manufacturers, combat all ailments and the first symptoms of cardiovascular diseases. In practice, it is very often different, so it is advisable to consume foods that are able to influence the libido in a natural way.

Among the most frequently mentioned products for potency are fruit and vegetables. It is not without reason that they are the most effective means of improving potency, because they contain a real wealth of vitamins and valuable minerals. They also rarely show a concentration of folic acid or flavonoids.


Watermelon as a small fruit consists of 92% of water. The rest are vitamins and minerals. It is rich in oxidants that protect the body against the development of cancer. Besides, it has a diuretic effect, supports metabolism. In addition, the watermelon supports the work of the circulatory system. Watermelon is called a plant viagra because it increases sexual desire. Citrulline contained in watermelon relaxes blood vessels and thus improves blood flow to the genitals.


Naturally, they strengthen libido in both women and men. In addition, they increase the motility of sperm. Nuts are recommended for use in family planning as they significantly improve sexual performance. High content of alpha-linolenic acid prevents the development of atherosclerosis and thrombosis. Vitamin E and arginine protect the heart from diseases. Nuts are not only a tasty snack, they are also an effective means of raising libido.


The peach is not only a juicy and tasty fruit that quenches thirst in the summer. It is also a natural source of vitamin C, which has a beneficial effect on the mobility of sperm. Interestingly, the peach has been shown to reduce cortisol in the blood. Reduces high levels of the stress hormone itself, which negatively affects testosterone.


In the past, eggplant was called a pear of love. All because of its taste and the richness of its ingredients. They are considered to be decisive for greater excitement and excitement. These properties help to increase sexual performance. Eggplant has a high concentration of vitamin A, B vitamins, potassium, calcium, iron and phosphorus.


The red colour has a particular effect on men. Strawberries, apart from their colour, attract the taste, which is unique. So is the composition of the strawberries, which is rich in folic acid and many vitamins from the B group. In addition, they contain numerous flavonoids that reduce erection problems.